Considering bespoke fitted furniture? Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t

It’s the height of luxury. Every day glossy brochures are stuffed through the letter boxes of homes in affluent and up and coming areas showing intricately angled voids and tight alcoves stuffed with shoe storage that would appease Imelda Marcos. If you’re in the market for bespoke, fitted furniture then most likely you’ve just moved house, you’re having a bit of a redesign to eke out some more storage space or you fancy a bit of luxury and you’ve been saving up for ages.

Here are our top reasons why you should reconsider…

It’s more expensive, but not necessarily better

You know that already. According to, a 3 section built-in wardrobe will cost between £2,800 and £3,600 ($3,900 – $5,025) depending on the overall size and your choice of finish and interior layout. But that’s reassuringly expensive, isn’t it? Bought by those who can afford the best, the quality you get from a bespoke build is always top notch, right? Well… sometimes bespoke furniture is made from high quality materials such as solid wood and installed by experienced tradespeople, but just because it’s made to order and cut to size, it doesn’t mean that it’s better quality than a bought-to-size item. In fact as well as widespread use of cheaper materials such as melamine-coated chip board or composite boards such as MDF, there may be compromises in the build due to the precise measurements or the wall to which your furniture is fixed. The variety of materials is as huge as in any other type of furniture, you’re just paying a premium for somebody to measure, cut and assemble it in your house to your specifications.

Finding the right piece of furniture to fit that space might just be as simple as searching for something that precisely fits the gap you have. There could be tens or thousands of items that fit the bill and they could save you a fortune.

Perfectly fitting shelves
These shelves fit perfectly into their space to give the illusion of bespoke made furniture.

What if things change?

Avocado bathroom suites, wallpaper borders, sponge-painted walls and nautical themes are all hot trends that you wouldn’t be seen dead putting in your home these days. However you choose to finish your bespoke fitted wardrobes, be it mirror doors, intricate cornicing or brass handles, you risk making a choice that sooner or later is going to look like it belonged in a different decade.

Styles change. Some furniture seems timeless but most things drift aimlessly in and out of fashion at the whim of the right interior designer, artistic director or even TV producer. But wait, that’s not all. How many fitted cupboards have you seen that are designed around technology? How many walls of cupboards surrounding the very latest CRT television or shelves just the right height for a VHS cassette or DVD case? If styles change by the decade then technology seems to change even faster. Change is the only certainty!

Shelves for tv and technology
These shelves were custom built around a certain size of TV screen, CD player and gaming consoles. Following the fashion of switching to a much larger TV screen is going to be doubly expensive!

Having the flexibility to swap out a piece of furniture without it costing an arm and a leg should be a serious consideration. With so many options available in the market, there are bound to be a number of direct swaps you could make for any furniture that’s occupying a specific space in your home.

What if you want to sell your house and move?

Unlike with standalone furniture you can’t take fitted furniture with you. That’s stating the obvious, right?

Sure, fitted furniture can add value to a property, but only if it meets the new owners’ taste and requirements. Buyers may have their own furniture that they are expecting to bring into your house, they may have different uses for different rooms than you had, or they may have a specific layout planned for your rooms. If you get it wrong, your beloved fitted dresser can turn into an expense in your buyer’s mind as they mull over the question, “How much is it going to cost me to rip that out?”

Mumsnet group discussion about fitted wardrobes
Mumsnet, the source of all knowledge. And they dislike fitted wardrobes!

If your buyers are comparing a number of homes by room size, remember that an estate agent will measure a room to the front of a fitted cupboard, but if the cupboard is moveable, they’ll measure to the back of it. So it’s official then, on paper at least, buying a piece of furniture to fit a space exactly will make the room bigger!

You can match with other pieces in a range

Sometimes it’s nice to mix, sometimes it’s nice to match. A bespoke, fitted piece of furniture is generally going to be in the former category, unless you have more than one piece made to match of course. Using well-chosen, perfectly fitting standalone pieces means that you can use other items from the same range to give your space a more continuous, designed feel.

Damp or musty walls can make your clothes smell.

Lots of fitted furniture options are backless. That is, they back straight onto your wall. Fitted doors are installed over an existing recess or alcove, with shelves and hanging rails fixed to the existing walls. This maximises the available storage space, but your walls are not designed to protect clothes. Painted walls, particularly external ones can expose your clothes to the elements; Damp, musty smells and unwanted wildlife! A free-standing wardrobe won’t prevent every creepy crawly from nestling in your undergarments, but fully enclosed furniture provides one more line of defence.

Fitted wardrobes with no backs.
These beautifully made fitted wardrobes actually back straight onto the wall.

With fitsy you don’t need to compromise. Find stuff that fits and choose your favourite.

Fitsy allow you to maximise space by finding wardrobes, dressers, shelves, sideboards and other furniture that will fit your space perfectly. By combining catalogues of many leading furniture providers we can give you an overview of everything that is just small enough to fit that gap, but big enough to fill it.

IKEA chest of drawers fits snugly into this cupboard.
This IKEA chest of drawers fits perfectly into its space, giving its new owner a much tidier storage solution without breaking the bank.