Nine design tips for your bedroom that will take your breath away!

After a long and busy day, you want to come and sleep in your bedroom. Since your bedroom is where you spend most of your time, you will naturally want to focus your design efforts on it.

You can rearrange your furniture, but there is only a limited number of ways to do that. If you have reached that limit, you might think about replacing your old furniture with something new, or completely redesigning your bedroom.

Here are some design tips to consider for your bedroom:

1.   Layered bedding

If you only have a top sheet on your bed, consider layered bedding. It will completely change its appearance. You can layer your bed with bed runners, pillows, and throws. We promise, the next time you head up to the bedroom you’ll want to leap right in.

2.   Colour variations

Often, people end up choosing two different colours for their bedroom when they can pick a colour and choose variations within it. When you are choosing the colour for your walls, bedding, and accessories, you should choose complementing variants from one colour.

You can select accent pillows, area rugs, throw blankets, and window treatments that represent the two colours you selected for the walls of your bedroom. A new coat of paint will transform your bedroom.

3.   Upholstered beds

You can add dramatic furniture pieces in your bedroom such as an upholstered bed, covered in beautiful fabric. Other dramatic furniture pieces to opt for include wardrobe, table, and side table. You can use Fitsy’s search platform to browse our collection of dramatic furniture pieces.

4.   Textures

Texture is important, but we often tend to overlook it. Textures add dimensions to your bedroom, and if you have a small bedroom, texture can make your room look bigger and more spacious.

You can go for a bed with a quilted leather headboard, and a patterned and sequined blanket. You can even add a patterned area rug in your bedroom. Add patterned roll pillows on your bed.

5.   Mirror

You can never go wrong with too many mirrors. You can find a large variety of mirrors, all different shapes and designs. Mirrors can make your bedroom appear brighter and larger. You can hang a mirror on the wall or prop it against the wall. You can consider getting a solid mirror for your bedroom to enhance its appeal.

6.   Rug

If you don’t have a rug in your bedroom, you should consider getting one. You can add a rug next to your bed for that cosy, welcoming feeling when you put your feet down on the floor in the morning. The type of rug you get for your bedroom will depend on its design theme. You can opt for a soft, cushy, comforting, and stylish rug.  You can also choose a multi-coloured, solid coloured rug, or patterned rug. Again, the type of rug you select depends on theme of your bedroom. Once you have decided on a theme for your bedroom, Fitsy is a great place to shop for your rug as we can show you a wide range for your exact size requirement.

7.   Accents

Consider sprucing up the empty space between your bed’s headboard and ceiling. Instead of leaving it empty, you can fill in the space. Some great ways to decorate the empty space is with unique and sophisticated accents. If the headboard of your bed is curved, add square picture frames above it. If the headboard of your bed is square, add round frames above it. You can even follow the curve of the headboard by adding several different eye-catching accents.

8.   Furniture additions

A bedroom is not a bedroom without bedside tables, nightstands, bookcases, and dressers. You can choose the furniture pieces you need to add to your bedroom by looking at the layout. For instance, you can add window seats next to large windows. Next to the window seats, you can place a small table. If you like to read, you can select a book from your bookcase and read it by the window in your room.

If you are looking for stylish furniture pieces for your bedroom, you can use Fitsy’s search platform to find the type of furniture you are looking for by entering its dimensions.

Fitsy will provide you with a range of different manufacturers to choose from. You can choose a furniture piece that best fits the theme of your bedroom.

9.   Bench

You can add a bench to the end of your bed. If there is an open space, you can add a footboard bench such as a tufted regency style bench or wooden garden seat. You can even put a large ottoman together to create a sophisticated look or to add a trunk if you require more storage. If you have a small bedroom and you require more storage, but you do not want to make it obvious, you can add a bench that opens up to reveal a compartment, which you can use to place your personal belongings, especially the ones you do not want your guests to see lying around your house.

If you are searching for a convenient way to order furniture such as tables, sofas, chairs, couches, rugs, coffee tables, and more, you can visit Fitsy. To search for furniture on Fitsy, you need to enter the exact measurements and it will bring up results according to the dimensions you entered.

At Fitsy, we use quality photos of furniture pieces. You can confidently choose a furniture piece based on how it looks in the picture. If you need to redesign your bedroom and order new furniture to replace the old furniture, you can use their online search platform to perform a quick search at a time convenient to you.

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